Custom Leather Belts

Two Palominos designed leather belts are long-lasting and made from full-hide of the cow. You can select a stamped or plain belt, and lined or un-unlined.

Brow Bands

You want to stand out from the competition in the arena. Two Palominos custom-designed brow bands feature hand-selected precious and semi-precious gemstones. All Two Palominos products are made to withsand the test of time.

Browband with Garnett.JPG

My long-lasting backpacks will last your lifetime and become more beautiful with age. Whether you're looking for a heavy-weight backpack made from bison, or a lighter, stylish backpack made of cowhide, I can make the product of your dreams a reality.

Dog Collars

You want your dog to be secure, but the safety of your beloved pet is paramount. Two Palominos dog collars are beautiful and functional. If your dog gets hung up on his color, one quick yank will set him free. These dog collars will last your lifetime.

Bootstrap Tote black and brown.jpg
Dog Collar Custom.jpg
Leather Snapback

My custom-sized leather snapback will make you the hit of the evening. Super-soft, adjustable to fit your head, these are stylish and modern. This may be the most comfortable hat you've ever worn.

Mod Leather snapback.jpg